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Startup Pirates is an entrepreneurial trial for aspiring entrepreneurs, creating a worldwide community of ultimate changemakers willing to share, learn and grow together.


Getting a Feeling for the Life as a Pirate - Review of our Info Session

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“Today isn’t just another day. Today, I will create something beautiful”.

For all the aspiring Pirates who were sailing through remote seas last night and could not make it to our info session – here come’s a short wrap-up!

Startup Pirates… What was that about?

A lot of fun but a lot of hard work too!

Support of amazing mentors from places like Berlin, Amsterdam and the UK!

It’s all about people! People from different cultures. People with different ideas. Work in groups, increase your network!

Teambuilding counts, workshops make your team count!

9 to 5 is standard. We are Pirates! Let’s try 9 to 9!

Everbody wants them. We have them. Investors!

Never-ever-ever boredom!


What do experienced Pirates and Captains say about their journey through Startup Ocean? Nick started ENLITE during Startup Pirates - a tutoring business for “learning in teams efficiently”.

Here is Nick’s testimonial:

"Startup Pirates was a great experience, we learnt so much! After joining the program, I knew what I wanted to do! I was hooked on the whole idea of entrepreneurship. I got so many new skills and with our idea, we won the pitch competition - so we must have really convinced the judges. But it’s not just about the idea, but the people that you get to know and the networks that you build. Two of the participants are now my best friends. I work with them on a new project called Love Foundation, which is becoming really big. Looking back, I can say that Startup Pirates was one of the best weeks of my life, though this sounds a bit cheesy. I can just recommend everybody to join!"

Yanick already was a mentor in last year’s edition of Startup Pirates, and we are more than happy that he will join us again! What are his reasons to spend a whole week with a crazy and wild pack of 30 rebels?

Yanick loves to meet people who are entrepreneurial-minded like himself, who always want to learn more. Owning a successful recruitment company himself, he enjoys to help teams in the development of their business models. And he loves Pirates! His concluding advice: “So come and join the boat!”

But we were not only there to talk. To give everyone an idea of how dynamics on the boat create amazing results in the shortest time, each aspiring Pirate had the chance to develop ideas, pitch them to their crew, vote and develop them further in teams!

“I got so valuable feedback – I first hesitated to come here, but now I am so glad I did and shared my idea!”.

There is only one more thing left to say: See you in January!


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