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A Pirate's story: Raju about his journey to become 2014's pitch competition winner

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Last year, a remarkable Pirate sailed to Maastricht all the way from Bremen, Germany, to join our journey. The moment he got aboard for Startup Pirates Maastricht 2014, Raju never would have imagined to become the winner of the final pitch competition.

Here is Raju's story:

"I am happy for having randomly stumbled upon Startup Pirates' webpage; I am happy I pushed myself into joining the program to learn more on entrepreneurship. Startup Pirates was the reason I ever reached Maastricht- a city so beautiful and so full of inspiring students who share an enthusiasm to create an impact in the world we live in. I simply had so much to take in from this week long entrepreneurial experience. The workshops were beneficial to better evaluate the idea and feasibility of the start up in mind. The mentors were enthusiastic and allowed me to rethink the idea from diverse perspectives, and also helped me hone my presentation skills for the final pitch at Chemelot. The participants in the event were all awesome in their own ways and the whole week was filled with hard work and constructive criticisms. Pascal Kwee, who also hosted me during the event, volunteered to join me for the whole week and contributed his perspectives. The whole ecosystem of entrepreneurs and mentors was well balanced by the energy we all contributed. In short, we were all inspiring and impacting each other at personal as well as professional level.

With an aggregate of all the knowledge I gained at this event, I was able to come up with an honest and a simple pitch on the potential use of a specific fungi for pest control and I won the pitch and became a “Startup Pirate”. It is a feeling that still gives me a chill and inspires me; I still could not believe it even hours after I had won but during that moment, I could feel an evolution going on inside my system that made me even more confident. Experiences like these have really helped shape who I am today.

In my opinion, nothing can buy an experience like Startup Pirates. Startup Pirates really helped me realise my inner potentials and gave me stronger feeling that everyone of us can have an impact in the intricate meshwork of community we live in. We are here to inspire each other and to learn from each other. Join Startup Pirates and get one step closer to discovering your potentials."

 - Raju Gurung

Raju finished his B.Sc. in Biological Sciences and Neuroscience at Jacobs University Bremen and is now on the quest for the next adventure. Want to know more? You can get in touch with Raju on Facebook and LinkedIn!

Have you already joined the crew for the 2015 edition of Startup Pirates Maastricht from 24th to 31st of January? The application deadline is getting closer - only 13 days to go! Apply now!


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