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Startup Pirates is an entrepreneurial trial for aspiring entrepreneurs, creating a worldwide community of ultimate changemakers willing to share, learn and grow together.


A Pirate's story: Raju about his journey to become 2014's pitch competition winner

Last year, a remarkable Pirate sailed to Maastricht all the way from Bremen, Germany, to join our journey. The moment he got aboard for Startup Pirates Maastricht 2014, Raju never would have imagined to become the winner of the final pitch competition.

Here is Raju's story:

"I am happy for having randomly stumbled upon Startup Pirates' webpage; I am happy I pushed myself into joining the program to learn more on entrepreneurship. Startup Pirates was the reason I ever reached Maastricht- a city so beautiful and so full of inspiring students who share an enthusiasm to create an impact in the world we live in. I simply had so much to take in from this week long entrepreneurial experience. The workshops were beneficial to better evaluate the idea and feasibility of the start up in mind. The mentors were enthusiastic and allowed me to rethink the idea from diverse perspectives, and also helped me hone my presentation skills for the final pitch at Chemelot. The participants in the event were all awesome in their own ways and the whole week was filled with hard work and constructive criticisms. Pascal Kwee, who also hosted me during the event, volunteered to join me for the whole week and contributed his perspectives. The whole ecosystem of entrepreneurs and mentors was well balanced by the energy we all contributed. In short, we were all inspiring and impacting each other at personal as well as professional level.

With an aggregate of all the knowledge I gained at this event, I was able to come up with an honest and a simple pitch on the potential use of a specific fungi for pest control and I won the pitch and became a “Startup Pirate”. It is a feeling that still gives me a chill and inspires me; I still could not believe it even hours after I had won but during that moment, I could feel an evolution going on inside my system that made me even more confident. Experiences like these have really helped shape who I am today.

In my opinion, nothing can buy an experience like Startup Pirates. Startup Pirates really helped me realise my inner potentials and gave me stronger feeling that everyone of us can have an impact in the intricate meshwork of community we live in. We are here to inspire each other and to learn from each other. Join Startup Pirates and get one step closer to discovering your potentials."

 - Raju Gurung

Raju finished his B.Sc. in Biological Sciences and Neuroscience at Jacobs University Bremen and is now on the quest for the next adventure. Want to know more? You can get in touch with Raju on Facebook and LinkedIn!

Have you already joined the crew for the 2015 edition of Startup Pirates Maastricht from 24th to 31st of January? The application deadline is getting closer - only 13 days to go! Apply now!


Getting a Feeling for the Life as a Pirate - Review of our Info Session

“Today isn’t just another day. Today, I will create something beautiful”.

For all the aspiring Pirates who were sailing through remote seas last night and could not make it to our info session – here come’s a short wrap-up!

Startup Pirates… What was that about?

A lot of fun but a lot of hard work too!

Support of amazing mentors from places like Berlin, Amsterdam and the UK!

It’s all about people! People from different cultures. People with different ideas. Work in groups, increase your network!

Teambuilding counts, workshops make your team count!

9 to 5 is standard. We are Pirates! Let’s try 9 to 9!

Everbody wants them. We have them. Investors!

Never-ever-ever boredom!


What do experienced Pirates and Captains say about their journey through Startup Ocean? Nick started ENLITE during Startup Pirates - a tutoring business for “learning in teams efficiently”.

Here is Nick’s testimonial:

"Startup Pirates was a great experience, we learnt so much! After joining the program, I knew what I wanted to do! I was hooked on the whole idea of entrepreneurship. I got so many new skills and with our idea, we won the pitch competition - so we must have really convinced the judges. But it’s not just about the idea, but the people that you get to know and the networks that you build. Two of the participants are now my best friends. I work with them on a new project called Love Foundation, which is becoming really big. Looking back, I can say that Startup Pirates was one of the best weeks of my life, though this sounds a bit cheesy. I can just recommend everybody to join!"

Yanick already was a mentor in last year’s edition of Startup Pirates, and we are more than happy that he will join us again! What are his reasons to spend a whole week with a crazy and wild pack of 30 rebels?

Yanick loves to meet people who are entrepreneurial-minded like himself, who always want to learn more. Owning a successful recruitment company himself, he enjoys to help teams in the development of their business models. And he loves Pirates! His concluding advice: “So come and join the boat!”

But we were not only there to talk. To give everyone an idea of how dynamics on the boat create amazing results in the shortest time, each aspiring Pirate had the chance to develop ideas, pitch them to their crew, vote and develop them further in teams!

“I got so valuable feedback – I first hesitated to come here, but now I am so glad I did and shared my idea!”.

There is only one more thing left to say: See you in January!


Pirates joining from across the Seven Seas!

We are recruiting Pirates from all the Seven Seas!

Do you remember our holy honorable Pirate Code? “A Pirate does not find limits neither in the sky, nor in the sea” and “meets people in every docking station”!

One of our applicants has already proven to have a lot of what it takes to be a Pirate! We are super-excited to have our first crew member joining from MEXICO! He will embark on a flying ship and cross the ocean to spend this game-changing week with us. He develops and implements technologies that help to solve a lot of challenges through safety devices based on magnetic technology.

Just like last year, Startup Pirates Maastricht will not only come to life through the diversity of backgrounds of our crew - we unite various nations and form teams that cross the borders of what they thought to be possible!

Follow us for more exciting news and APPLY before Dec 20th to join the ride!

Discover The Whole Story! The Pirate Code Part II

Welcome aboard, Pirates!

Have you made yourself familiar with the first five rules of our PIRATE CODE? Great! But not too fast eager Pirate, there are still five more to encode!

Before you can join our crew,

And get your own customized tattoo,

Read the following accepted truths

That distinguish a Pirate from the common youth!

Come on, fresh Pirate, don’t be shy, read a long and join the ride,

Discover that a Pirate’s life is more than worth more the hard stride!

The Pirate Code - Part II

6. A pirate doesn’t find limits neither in the sky, nor in the sea. The one that doesn’t follow this shall suffer the same punishment as in the former Principle.

Pirates know no borders and no limits. Not in the bodily world and not in the sphere of the mind. There are no limits that could stop a Pirate from realizing her great ideas, nor limits that break her spirit. The Pirate goes on until she achieves all her goals. Sleeping is not part of her agenda.

7. A Startup Pirate meets people in every docking port.

Without a social life and a drink Pirates, don’t like to sail the seas. In every dock, in every ship, a Pirate will bring along those who make her life complete. Bring your people along dear Pirates, or don’t - whatever you do, at Startup Pirates Maastricht you will end up with an amazing crew to share a toast (and much more).

8. A pirate follows the map, because although plans can change, having one is important.

Pirates know that getting lost is part of life, but without a guiding light there is not end to the fight. With a map in one hand, a glass in the other, and a team that supports every step of the way, every Pirate is able to find his favorite bay.

9. Every Pirate should be passionate. The passion for what we do is what sets us apart from surrenders.

Without passion there is no drive, and without drive your ship will stand in the same spot, only sometimes moving to the mercy of the wild sea. But where will this take you? Nowhere at all! So sing along the song of life, full of passion and love.

10. Every member of the crew must be bold, open-minded and bright. Work hard, party harder.

Enjoying life, that’s what it all comes down to in the end! After a day of hard work, Pirates know how to party, only stopping when the sun rises, and back to work without a stop. If you join Startup Pirates Maastricht, be ready to pull off some of your best dance moves!

Now that you know our honor code, do you think that you have what it takes to become on of us?

Make sure to follow us for more surprises! And Arrrr, send in your application! We cannot wait to find out what part of our crew you will be!

What is it like to be a Pirate? The Pirate Code Part I

You already know that our Pirates are wild and crazy - but isn't there more to say about the life of a real Pirate? Sure there is!

What would a real crew be without a Code of Honor? Discover the 10 Rules of THE PIRATE CODE!

The Pirate Code - Part I

1. Each member of the crew must be an entrepreneur. He shall be an activist, revolutionary and make the most of his opportunities!

You are not sure if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? We are! No matter if you are an innovator, a tech-geek or the creative-guy: we are all in the same boat, we are all entrepreneurs and we all want to make big things happen! We will make sure you are provided with all the building blocks needed to craft and develop your startup around the dream you are pursuing!

2. Each pirate shall be bold, love the new, change the whole thing around and be always ready to fight!

Startup Pirates do not feel comfortable in safe havens - they know that magic happens out on the sea! We get you ready for the storms of the ocean! There will be rough times. Our experienced captains will challenge your ideas. You may start to doubt, start anew, build from scratch. One thing is certain: The outcome is you, your team and your idea, all stronger than ever before!

3. No Pirate shall talk of giving up their way of living. A pirate seizes the day and fights for happiness.

Here at Startup Pirate Maastricht, we encourage each Pirate to live and contribute in its unique way because remember, YOU are awesome! We strongly believe that happiness evolves in a strong community, built by a diversified crew and inspirational captains! Great opportunities for networking, creating bonds and mutual enrichment guaranteed. Let's unlock your untaped potential, every day for a whole week!

4. Every single member of the crew has to commit with learning, because everything changes and constant learning is the only way to success.

How could you discover these precious untouched islands and the treasures they hide without strong sails, a powerful ship and the experts who know how to read the stars at night? Our speakers and coaches will make sure you are equipped with the best tools to get you ready to conquer startup island!

5. Every Pirate must fight for what he believes. But if they defraud the company, they shall be marooned! None is allowed to quit, so, none will be marooned.

“Man overboard” is not an option! Enough said.


Stay tuned for Rules 6-10 in The Pirate Code II– coming soon on our blog!

Make sure to APPLY soon to save one of the 30 places on board!

Application process and info session - How to become a pirate?

How to become a pirate?

Applications are in a full swing and we have received many questions about the selection process for our big startup week from January 24th to 31st!

Here we go – that’s how you become a pirate!

We are searching for 30 individuals from three different backgrounds to build teams that can make your future startups fly:


You have an innovative idea that you finally want to get off the ground or push to the next level? Meet mentors, get valuable feedback and have your idea challenged by serial entreprenuers and professionals!


You have the technical background to help the innovators’ ideas become a reality? Join an awesome team around people with gamechanging ideas and make dreams become reality together!


Your know how to design and promote a cool idea and make people love it? Select the idea and team that fascinates you most and lets you tap into all your creative potential! Bring your talent to life and show the world what you can create!

For all further questions, contact us and do not miss our info session on 4th of December from 7-9pm at SBE room 0.24!

No matter what type of pirate you are - make sure to APPLY today!


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